Payroll System development and implementation
We know is difficult
The installation of a payroll program or hiring a specialized company to handle employee’s payroll, although not mandatory, is needed in all businesses and it is highly recommended by most professional consultants. The government does not interfere in whether you have a payroll system in place but always provides information on the rights and benefits of all employees. There are companies specialized in providing payroll services to most business, although for small businesses the cost may be difficult to manage. Banks also offer this services and their cost is not less expensive.

Why is payroll system so important?

There are several reasons. One is to provide benefits to your employees by contributing to their social security funds which will generate bigger monthly pensions at retirement. Two, employers withholdings from employee’s wages, provides saving to employees so they can pay their income taxes at the end of the year.

What solution do we offer regarding the high cost of having a payroll program or hiring a payroll service company?

We have developed classes and seminars to teach small businesses, how to do the ir own payroll and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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